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Part One is For Customers – Part Two is for Entrepreneurs

After several years looking for a program which everyone could feel comfortable about using as well as promoting, at last that elusive moment has arrived.

Drum roll please………….Enter Dubli and Team Wukar.

What makes this program so different from every other selling venture is that the emphasis is primarily on the customer and is not geared towards the distributor. In other words THE CUSTOMER WINS AT LAST!

This is not to say that the developer or anyone helping promote this model is left empty handed (refer to part two). However, the customer, so often forgotten in the entrepreneur’s rush to make money, usually ends up feeling like he has been taken for a ride or that he really doesn’t need what he bought in the first place.

So what makes this program so different to every other one available.

First of all, Dubli offers CASH BACK for shopping online. “Yeah, right! Been there, done that! A few shops that nobody wants to shop at and they don’t have what I want anyway”.

Hold on! I said this was different. That was the old way!

How about getting CASH BACK for online shopping at over 4,000 of the leading stores in the States?

How about getting upwards of 8% CASH BACK paid monthly into your bank account?

You’ve probably heard of Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Kohl’s, Overstock, Nordstrom? Maybe even DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Groupon, Avon?

And what if I told you that you can get up to 7% CASH BACK on all your purchases from the Apple Store? I though that would get you interested!!

And I almost forgot to tell you that you get top CASH BACK for travel, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, entertainment and even Starbucks.

OK, let’s get down to business.

With the Dubli model, there are 3 levels at which members can receive Money Back.

1. Free level. Everyone joins at this level and can remain as a Free customer as long as they want. This will give you 2% easy CASH BACK, paid annually.
2. Premium level. For $4.95 monthly you can upgrade to this level and earn an additional 4% CASHBACK.
3. V.I.P. level. For $99.00 per year you can upgrade to the best CASH BACK which will give you an additional 6% on the free membership. Many stores increase that amount substantially. Shhh! PLUS Every time you introduce another V.I.P. Member, you get a $20.00 referral fee. Wow!

Just to sweeten the deal even more, the online CASH BACK you receive is on top of any special promotions that individual stores offer. Just imagine for a moment what your 2014 CASH BACK could be and then project how your 2015 CASH BACK will grow exponentially.

Watch this video to see how works.

Now you have the details, all that remains is to click here which will take you to Check out the stores and discover CASH BACK amounts from each of them. You can sign up immediately as a FREE member. If you want to increase the level of easy money back, just select the level you want to start at and start shopping and saving.

Part 2 – For Entrepreneurs

So where does Team Wukar come in? Glad you asked!

First of all, e-commerce is growing at double digit figures annually and there is no sign of any slowdown. In the first quarter of 2014, 198 million people in America bought something online (Business Insider 21 November 2014).

Team Wukar has teamed up with Dubli to promote the concept of CASH BACK from shopping online and has turned it into a huge new business model the likes of which have never been seen before.

As the whole concept has been created in the consumer’s favor it is difficult to see anyone knocking back the opportunity to receive money back on what they would normally buy online.

Bearing this in mind, check out the this video (Google Hangout) made by the Wukar leaders.

At the time the video was made, the whole idea was still totally new to them and their excitement for it is pretty obvious. As they explain how the system works it is difficult not to share their enthusiasm.

This is perhaps the only online business model where you can earn a Genuine Residual Income and the attrition rate of anyone in your downline should be around zero. After all, who would want to stop earning Cash Back on their online shopping.

Click here to become a member today and join the great team of My Friend Harvey, Dubli and Wukar.

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