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Rings-n-Rollers Shower Hooks

It doesn’t take much to brighten up your bathroom. New shower curtain hooks will make a big difference for only a small outlay. There is a wide range available from plain o-rings, clips,    hangers in different materials, including plastic and metal rings, as well as many different styles of decorative shower curtain rings. Check out the following to make sure you only get the best.

So What Do You Look For When Buying New Shower Curtain Rings?

Excellent Quality
Long lasting
Rust and corrosion resistant
Secure click-lock clasp
Suitable for ¾” and 1” straight or curved shower curtain rods
Easy to clip over shower curtain rod.
12 month Guarantee

Great, but where can you find rings that cover all of these tough requirements?

My Friend Harvey™ Rings-n-Rollers™ shower curtain clips give you all of the above plus you will add a finishing touch of class to your bathroom at the same time.

decorative shower curtain ring
Decorative Shower Curtain Ring

These smooth flowing Rings-n-Rollers™ shower rings move effortlessly and noiselessly over the rod at the slightest touch of your hand.

Imagine This:- Decorative Shower Curtain Rings That Also Mean……..

… more tugging at the shower curtain to get it over the join in the rod
… more horrible screeching sounds as the rings scrape on the bare metal
… more scratching the anti-rust coating on your shower curtain rod
… more curtains falling off hooks or plastic rings breaking

The 5 rollers on each Rings-n-Rollers™ shower curtain hanger distribute the shower curtain weight across the top of the rail letting the curtains hang evenly and allowing an effortlessly smooth gliding over the surface. It is almost is if the rings are floating on air. Even the kids will find it easy.

You can also prevent any mildew build-up on the wet shower curtain by easily spreading it out to dry after use.

The Quality of These Rings-n-Rollers™ Shower Curtain Hangers……

…….will ensure years of trouble free rolling as they are heavy duty and designed for even the toughest working conditions.

Choose My Friend Harvey™ Rings-n-Rollers™ shower curtain hooks and enjoy the peace of mind that our 12 months guarantee gives you. After all, if you are not happy neither are we!

Give Your Bathroom a Facelift With These Affordable Shower Curtain Hooks.

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