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Decorative Shower Curtain Rings Overcome Problem Hangers

Annoying Problems Solved With Latest Shower Curtain Hooks

In August 2013, My Friend Harvey introduced the latest Rings-n-Rollers™ Shower Curtain Rings to the Amazon.com market place. These revolutionary shower curtain hooks not only solve the problems that people experienced with their existing hangers but they also brighten up the overall appearance of the bathroom.

We interviewed many of our customers with a view to finding out what problems they were initially trying to overcome. There appeared to be one overriding problem which applied to virtually every type of hanger. In addition, there were a number of other problems which kept recurring on a regular basis.

The most frequent complaint about the old fashioned hangers……

……was in relation to them always catching or dragging on the joint in the shower curtain rod. Most shower curtain rods are designed with one tube inside another. The inner tube can be pulled out and locked in position, in order to fit different sized shower recesses and different length bath tubs. Unfortunately, this joint inevitably means that the old hangers have to be tugged hard to get over the obstruction.

We were told of many cases where shower curtains fell off the hooks, the curtain clips broke and even shower curtains tearing due to the force applied. In one extreme case, a gentleman who had tugged too hard was actually hit on the head when the rod fell on him.

One area of concern was with cheap plastic rings which were not strong enough to carry the weight of a shower curtain or endure the constant tugging, eventually becoming brittle and snapping.

Also the cheap metal rollers……

……….were prone to rusting soon after being put up which in turn led to rust stains on the shower curtain. As the rust progressed rapidly, it was not long before the roller balls ceased to roll and there was a return to tugging the shower curtain over the rod joint again.

Another big area of concern was the metal rings without rollers to assist in the smooth rolling. In this situation, pulling the shower curtain along the rail produced a loud screeching sound as bare metal scraped over bare metal. Pulling gently was not an option as they still needed to be tugged to get over the rod joint. We were also told of these type of rings actually scraping the metal surface off the curtain rod.

There were a few customers who previously had leather or fabric straps tying the curtain over the rod but they had great difficulty sliding them along the rod when they got wet as well as getting them over the rod joint.

At last, all of these hanger problems have been overcome…...

……with the latest Rings-n-Rollers™ Shower Curtain Rings. The small rollers through which the shower ring passes, glide effortlessly across the joint in the rod.

Without exception, all of our customers expressed relief at having at last found a solution to end all of the shower frustrations they had put up with.

Some comments from customer reviews on the Rings-n-Rollers™ sales page on Amazon.com sum it all up.

“…….. is a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over the quality I’ve purchased before from the big chain stores. The metal is high quality, they hook onto the rod easily and glide beautifully — total value!”

“…….excellent quality and easy to use. I would purchase again if the need arises. They are solid and will last a long time besides looking great”.

“…….. Now I can Actually just go and take a shower and Relax without that little extra bit of annoyance that comes with the old “rings”. 5 Stars!!!”

“…….If you are looking for quality shower rings. I would not hesitate to make the purchase”.

“…….So the key is to spend a little more and get the quality. Totally recommend!”

You can overcome all your shower hanger problems by upgrading to Rings-n-Rollers Decorative Shower Curtain Hooks. They are only available through Amazon.com where you can enjoy the limited time 50% price reduction being offered, making them an incredibly cost effective solution to an everyday problem. Click Here Now.