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Latest Shower Curtain Rings Sell Exclusively On Amazon.com

This Press Release was handed to the media on 12 August 2014. It achieved great success with many media outlets spreading the information about the Unique Shower Curtain Rings. A large number achieved the front page in the categories for the related Google search term.  This shows the interest that has been generated with these quality Polished Chrome Shower Rings which are sold exclusively on Amazon.com

The Press Release stresses how these hangers have revolutionized the humble rings with many people taking the opportunity to replace their inferior, old fashioned hangers that they had previously taken for granted. CEO Harvey du Cros stated that, “Certainly, there is a better way, and these decorative shower curtain rings are definitely the way of the future”!

Rings-n-Rollers First Anniversary Sale

My Friend Harvey………

…………..is celebrating the first anniversary of the introduction of their unique shower curtain hooks selling under the brand name of Rings-n-Rollers. They have achieved great success in a very competitive market place, ranking among the top selling companies on Amazon.com where they are sold exclusively. To mark the occasion, the company has announced a limited time 51% discount commencing on Friday 15 August.

CEO, Mr Harvey du Cros speaking on behalf of My Friend Harvey, stated that “Demand for these stylish shower curtain rollers had predominantly come from home renovators in addition to the new homes market. Neither of these areas show any sign of slowing in the near future so we are anticipating strong sales to continue”.

Explaining why the shower curtain hooks have become so popular,………

……….Harvey du Cros went on to explain. “Lifestyle changes show that having a bath in America is gradually being replaced by taking a shower. Consequently, more houses now have a shower recess or a shower placed over the bathtub resulting in the need for a shower curtain to be in place to keep the water from splashing over the floor. Problems created by the shower rods, resulted in the need for our shower curtain rings”.

Because there is no standard width for the shower recess or between the walls at each end of a bath tub, an expandable shower curtain rod is needed to overcome these problems. The rod consists of 2 tubes, one inside the other. The outer tube naturally has a greater diameter than the inner one and when the rod is extended and locked in place, there is always going to be a noticeable obstruction which will cause a problem for shower hangers to get over.

As the old fashioned hangers are pulled along the rod,…….

…………they invariably get caught on the joint. If a person is tall enough, they can reach up to the hangers and lift them over, but doing this every time is rather annoying. The most common method to get the hangers over the joint is by tugging hard on the shower curtain a few times until they are forced over the obstruction. This causes big frustrations and results in curtains coming off the hooks, plastic rings breaking, curtains being torn and in some cases, even the rod being pulled off the wall mounts.

This is where the innovative Rings-n-Rollers Shower Curtain Hooks are so useful. The rings have been designed with the top of the loop passing through 5 small ball bearings. These ball bearings spread the weight of the shower curtain across the top of the rod allowing the curtain to be pulled easily along the rod and effortlessly over the joint. Even the kids will love rolling the curtain now.

Unique Shower Curtain Rings

In addition to being extremely functional and robust,……

…………these modern shower curtain rollers are very decorative and will improve the look of any bathroom. The rings fit both the standard ¾” and 1″ straight shower rods whilst also being ideal for the increasingly popular curved rod.

To celebrate the first anniversary,……..

…………a 51% discount is being offered for each pack of 12 Rings-n-Rollers Shower Curtain Hooks for a limited time only. Click here for all the information. These superior shower Rings are only available through Amazon.com