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Do Old Shower Hooks Make You Hot In The Shower?

Latest Shower Curtain Rings Will Help To Cool You Down

Regularly fighting with shower curtain hangers before taking a shower is certain to make anyone hot, frustrated and angry. Having to drag or tug the hangers along the rod because they won’t slide, they scrape or catch on the rod, often results in frayed tempers and occasionally torn shower curtains. It is the same ritual after the shower.

A solution to these problems is now available with the release in early August 2013 of the latest Rings-n-Rollers™ Decorative Shower Curtain Rings from My Friend Harvey. Besides solving the annoying hanger problems, they offer attractive modern styling, in keeping with the latest bathroom decor.

The effortless friction free roller action…….

…….is achieved by the use of five small ball bearings through which the top of each hook passes. This distributes the weight of the shower curtain evenly across the top of the rod allowing the curtains to hang uniformly and elegantly. All that is needed now is a very gentle pull for the curtains to smoothly glide open or closed. 

It is also much easier to spread the wet curtain after use, helping it to dry more quickly and therefore preventing any build up of mildew.

In addition to normal household use, the heavy duty construction makes them ideal for hotels, motels, hospitals or other areas where there is a need for robust shower hooks.

The rings are large enough…….

……….for the standard ¾” and 1″ straight shower rod and are also ideal for the increasingly popular curved rod.

Available in sets of 12, the highly polished chrome rings are corrosion resistant and are covered by a 12 month “Peace of Mind” guarantee. Click this link now and take advantage of the huge discount currently available exclusively through Amazon.com