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Latest Shower Curtain Rings Solve The Problems

This Article and Video Show How These Modern Shower Hooks Solve The Problems of the Old Fashioned Hangers

The most up to date Rings-n-Rollers™ Shower Rings were presented to the American market place in August 2013. These cutting edge shower curtain hangers not only address the problems that people experienced with their existing hooks but in addition they also brighten up the general appearance of the bathroom.

This Short Humorous Video About Modern Shower Rings……….

………is a lighthearted view of the problems connected with many different types of shower curtain hangers and the solution to these issues.

We contacted a lot of our customers to find out what problems they had with the old fashioned shower hangers prior to getting our special shower curtain hooks. We discovered that many our customers had used a range of rings but had previously been unable to find an ideal solution to their problems.

The Greatest Issue With Shower Rings…..

…………most people had was regarding the hangers constantly getting caught on the extension join in the shower curtain rod. Unfortunately the join is unavoidable as all shower recesses are various sizes and the rod needs to expand to fit all of them. Consequently, all of the older style shower clips had to be tugged strongly to get them over the join. Continuous strenuous pulling of the shower curtain often led to it getting torn and needing to be replaced.

There were many instances of shower curtains falling off the hooks or being pulled off unintentionally. Plastic rings would break leaving the shower curtain hanging on only a few hooks making the bathroom look untidy.

The Low-Cost Metal Hangers With Rollers……..

……….began to rust extremely quickly which caused numerous issues. In addition to looking unsightly the rust eventually left brown stains on the curtain. As the rust advanced, the roller balls stopped working and became totally useless becoming extremely difficult to shift them on the pole.

Some of the metal rings had no rollers on them with the result that the bare metal scraped on the metal rod resulting in a loud screeching sound along with scraping some of the silver coating off the rail.

Various other types of hangers such as fabric straps had the exact same problem of needing to be vigorously pulled across the rail extension join.

Immediately, These Shower Ring Issues Disappeared……

……when the Rings-n-Rollers™ Shower Curtain Hooks were installed. Each shower clip has a set of 5 ball bearings which spread the weight equally over the top of the rod. This ensures that the rings move smoothly along the pole and there is no necessity to yank the curtain hard any more.

For a strictly limited time only, these unique shower curtain hooks are available at a considerable discount price. They are simple to put up, look absolutely great and the 12 month guarantee will provide you with an assurance that you have really purchased the very best Shower Curtain Rings that one can buy. Click here to purchase and arrange immediate delivery.