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unique shower curtain hooks

Shower Curtain Rings From My Friend Harvey

Rings -n- Rollers……Shower Curtain Hooks

Hello there and a big welcome to Rings-n-Rollers.

OK, I’ll level with you. My name really is Harvey and even though I am not an imaginary white rabbit, I have had to put up with this connection all my life. However, I am very friendly and love helping people, so if people want to refer to me as “My Friend Harvey” I am very happy for that!

My aim is to introduce innovative products suitable for bathroom, kitchen and general household use. All of the products will be marketed through Amazon and the emphasis of each product will be on quality, durability, usefulness and style. Of course, affordability is also one of the key factors.

The first product,  Unique Shower Curtain Clips…..

………is one which will be a blessing for many people. They have had to put up with all sorts of problems with shower curtain rings, hangers, hooks clips and straps as well as a number of other odd things that have been used to hold up the shower curtain.

I chose this product as a direct consequence of my own constant fighting with shower curtain rings. I had always considered that the shower was a place to relax and enjoy the pure pleasure of the warm water pouring over my sport weary body.

The problem has always been getting the shower curtain to move along the rod with the minimum amount of fuss. Having encountered some of the problems myself many times over the years, I eventually thought that enough was enough.

So these Modern Roller Shower Hooks were created.

Rings-n-Rollers is the culmination of much research and being heavy duty in design, will undoubtedly be of great benefit to many families with heavy handed children, as well as hotels, hospitals etc.

These Shower Curtain Rings are very modern and stylish and will not only solve the problems people encounter with the older type hangers, they will also add a touch of class to any bathroom.

So, enjoy the site, enjoy the products and feel free to say you bought your wonderful new Shower Curtain Clips from My Friend Harvey

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